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People might not have to rekey locks often but when they do, they will have the full cooperation of our company. Locks are rekeyed when the key must change so that other people, who might also have your key, won’t use it to enter your property. This is why rekeying locks is an excellent idea when you move to a new office or house. Since you can never tell whether the previous tenants have returned all their keys and what their intentions are, it’s good to have the locks rekeyed immediately. The good thing about Locksmith Markham is that it provides services fast. So, if you urgently need key change, you know our company will be there for the service.

We make perfect key replacementsRekey Locks

When we rekey locks, we basically change the tumbler or configuration of the lock so that it will only operate with another new key. That’s why the need for lock rekeying starts with the need of a new key. Our teams come equipped to provide services immediately. We take pride of our excellent machinery and thanks to our amazing, high tech equipment we manage to produce a new key right away. You can be sure that the new key replacement is cut with attention to the smallest detail and it is always tested that it fits perfectly in the specific lock. You can trust the experience of our Markham Rekey Locks specialists.

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We Rekey Locks in Markham for a long time and know exactly how each bolt works and what it needs. So, the job is always done perfectly. We are also aces in more complicated locks in Ontario and can have specific locks of a master key system rekeyed, too. Our work is done properly, with discretion and at your convenience. Rekeying the lock is the best way to avoid problems and handle any issues related to keys. If the house keys are stolen, it’s best to get a brand new one by rekeying the lock instead of running the risk of a burglary by replacing the original one. There are many benefits from our service and we can explain more if you contact our Markham company.

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