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Master Key Lock System

Having a single key to open multiple doors is convenient. But this is not all you get when you install a master key lock system. Such systems are designed to improve key management but also you give you the choice of deciding how many people will be key holders of each door. Each master lock system is designed with the security needs of each client in mind. We install any master key lock system in Markham, Ontario, and are here to help you with your needs.Master Key Lock System Markham

The convenience of master key lock systems

When you install a commercial or office master key system, you get to monitor all entry points. The convenience with these systems is that we can make one master key to operate with many locks but also sub-master locks should you want to allow access to certain areas to some of your employees. And each door will also open with its own key too.

Such systems are also convenient to apartment complexes, where homeowners must have access to their own apt but the super or manager must also have access to all areas for emergency and maintenance reasons.

Contact us for master key lock system installation

Want an apt building master key system in Markham? Ask our help. Our pro will help you decide how many keys you want depending on who is going to have access to which areas. We can install such security systems to any building in town. Our techs can also convert existing cylinder locks to work with one master key but also the unique keys of each door. We are experts in rekeying locks and guarantee top class work.

Locksmith Markham is a professional and very experienced company. We always provide the best solutions to increase property security but also your convenience. What’s the point of carrying multiple keys when you can only carry one to open all the doors in the building? Make the right choice and come to us for solutions. Our team specializes in master key lock system Markham installation and will be more than glad to assist you. Call us today for more details.

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